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I am trained as a textile designer from the Danish Design School and further training for two years at the School of Architecture Department of Furniture and Rum.

I have always loved experiments and to explore new areas, both in handprinting and for technology. I have been a digital pioner since i bought my first Mac computer back in 1989.

As a graduate designer I got a job in a trend-bureau in New York and moved there in 1992. My primary reason for moving to the US was to learn how to use computer technology in my profession. 

It ended up being 9 very exciting and instructive year for me in the textile and web industry - first two and a half years in New York and then six and a half years in San Francisco.

I have done design work for large companies like Walt Disney, Coca Cola and Esprit, as I have developed digital designs for fiber company Dupont and technology magazine Wired. Concurrently, I have followed developments in digital textile print close, because I think it's really exciting. I also worked with graphic for webpages at CNET when the Internet was in its first stages.

I have taught and conducted workshops at design schools in particular USA, Iceland, Norway and several places in Denmark.

Since I moved back to Denmark, I have for example designed a number of lampshades for Le Klint and decorations for Menu. For many years I have taught other designers pattern design and digital textile printing at KEA Copenhagen School of design and technology.

My hand printed textiles in special techniques and later my digitally designed and printed fabrics have been shown in a dozen international design books and at various exhibitions around the world.

One of my designs are in the Design Museum Denmark (tidl.Kunstindustrimuseet) permanent design exhibition. I have previously received travel and working grants from a number of private foundations, and from the Danish Arts Foundation and the Ministry of Culture.


BUGIstudio is a webshop with products at the intersection of unique crafts and commercial design. Common to all products is that the patterns are both designed and printed by me.

BUGIstudio is my creative playground where I experiment and play with patterns, colors and materials. Therefore, some products be unique and other livelihood in smaller series.


All products are digital printing with water-based inks. Only with this latest technology in textile production, digital printing, it is possible to print in small runs and produce the very individual and personal touch.

Pigment colors used on cotton, are Oeko -Tex® 100 certified. Furthermore, using the digital printing methods, very little ink, as ink is sprayed over the fabric without touching it, in contrast to traditional printing techniques in which the color is pressed into the fabric. Since the digital printing method has a far less color consumption, it is better for both the consumer and the environment.

Some may think that printed on cotton goods will have a slightly different expression than they are used to. The surface may be a bit dusty. This is because the small fibers of the cotton is not restrained by gummiholdig ink.

For all the pillows I recommend to wash in lukewarm water in the sink fabric inside out, and never use the dryer, as it always wears out both the fabric and print.

The best BUGI greetings

Helle Abild

Gustav Johansens vej 5
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

CVR 15128402

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